Leadership Effectiveness
Developing Leadership Skills

Leadership isn’t a core curriculum in most medical schools. Physicians don’t always see that the skills making them successful as clinicians can often reduce team performance.

Leadership Effectiveness
Leading Change and Building Team Effectiveness

We work with your organization to give your physician leaders the sustainable skills they need to be effective in today's dynamic environment

Leadership Effectiveness
Building a Culture of Collaboration

Delivering value based healthcare demands high levels of leadership, collaboration, and open communication among clinical teams across service lines, silos, and organizational levels.

Preventing Burnout

51% of physicians feel burned out which reduces physician retention and performance. Physicians who learn resiliency are better equipped to handle the many challenges facing them and are exponentially less likely to feel burnout.

Building Resilience

Learn best practices for creating a culture that fosters individual and team resilience while thriving in a climate of change.

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Partnering With You to Develop Effective, Collaborative Physician Leaders Connected with Your Health System's Mission, Values, and Goals

The Center for Physician Leadership (CPL) is a multi-disciplinary leadership development coaching/consulting firm specifically created for physician and administrative leaders, their teams and organizations.

We work with healthcare leaders to close the gap between the traditional autonomous medical paradigm and the collaborative culture required by our dynamic healthcare system. We partner with you to develop effective physician leaders with the vision and the interpersonal skills to meld divergent views and strong opinions into a unified approach. These leaders are the guiding force required to lead their physician colleagues and teams in embracing the organization’s critical imperatives of optimal patient care and cost containment.

Leading During the Challenging Times of COVID-19

CPL invites you to preview a brand new two-part webinar series for clinician leaders entitled, "Leading During Challenging Times" - caring for self and others during the time of COVID-19. Please click the link to access

A Preview of Webinar 1

  1. An Overview of Webinar 1: Taking Care of Ourselves
  2. The Common Challenges for Clinicians During the Time of COVID-19
  3. The Importance of Resilience
  4. Controlling our Personal Narratives

Let us know your thoughts and be sure to Get in Touch if we may answer any questions. Follow our LinkedIn Company Page and Discussion Group for more interactive content.

CPL in Action

Since 2012 CPL has partnered with Sutter Health to develop their physician leaders through our Introduction to Physician Leadership (IPL) Program. This flagship program played a large role in Sutter being named one of the “Top 10 Physician Leadership Programs” in the country in 2016.

Learn more about our leadership development services, the benefits and why Center for Physician Leadership is the best choice for your organization.

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