Physician Leadership Development and Coaching
Developing Leadership Skills

Give your physicians and clinical staff the sustainable skills they need to be effective team leaders in today's changing world

Physician Executive Leadership Coaching
Building a Collaborative Culture

Improve quality and care outcomes by developing high levels of leadership, collaboration, and open communication across service lines and organizational levels

Physician Coaching for Success
Preventing Burnout

Increase physician retention and performance by equipping them with the proven skills and support they need to both succeed and thrive

Individual and Team Resilience Seminars
Building Resilience

Learn best practices for creating a culture
that fosters individual and team resilience

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Physician Leadership Development and Coaching Services

Physicians are accustomed to learning rapidly and being successful, and they are often frustrated when they perceive that they are not being effective in their leadership roles. Learning new skills as an adult can be difficult and frustrating, as they are seldom mastered with the first attempt at their implementation.

CPL has the time tested tools and techniques for fortifying new leadership skills.

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Why CPL?

CPL is dedicated solely to healthcare leadership coaching and development. It is a partnership that combines extensive experience in healthcare leadership with expertise in complex organizational and human dynamics. Our customized approach to your organization gives your physician leaders the sustainable skills they need to be effective in their roles and to deliver the results required for your organization.

CPL gives your leaders the leadership skills they need

Physicians, after leadership coaching, will be skilled in three very critical areas:

In Leading Themselves:

  • Becoming self-aware, authentic leaders
  • Excelling at managing their own emotions
  • Demonstrating a high degree of professionalism
  • Becoming exemplary communicators who can adapt personal style

In Leading Others:

  • Building positive, reciprocal relationships
  • Learning to foster an environment of trust and collaboration
  • Developing effective teams and enhancing collegiality
  • Delegating effectively and keeping others accountable

In Leading the Organization:

  • Seeing the big picture and thinking strategically
  • Using a team-based approach to problem-solving
  • Having a systems focus
  • Creating “win-win” scenarios

With our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we help build physician leaders who are proactive, collaborative and committed to the mission of your organization.

        Investing in your physician leaders to be more effective brings major benefits to the entire organization:

Benefits to Physicians:

  • Becoming more productive leaders
  • Handling conflict effectively
  • Dealing with disruption from other clinicians
  • Knowing process to get things done while improving resilience

Benefits to Patients:

  • Better overall quality of care
  • Improved community of caregivers
  • Reduced medical errors
  • Greater access and continuity among caregivers

Benefits to the Organization:

  • Improved staff resilience and retention
  • Reduced disruptive behavior
  • Improved safety and a reduction in medical errors
  • Improved culture of collaboration

Our Clients:

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