Who We Serve

At the Center for Physician Leadership, we work with:

  • Large integrated healthcare systems
  • Not-for-profit healthcare networks
  • Traditional academic medical centers
  • Medical foundations
  • Independent medical groups

Within these groups our clients include:

  • Administrative leadership – C-Suite Executives
  • Physician Executive Leadership – CMO, CSO, CMIO, VPMA
  • Medical staff leadership – Chief of Staff, Service Line Directors, Dept. Chairs, Section Chiefs
  • Front-line physician leaders and team leaders within the clinical environment

Our Clients:

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Rob A. Patrawala 

Chairman, Sequoia Hospital Heart and Vascular Institute; Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology Sequoia Hospital

I recently had the opportunity to spend 4 full days learning from Ashley and Fred in a physician leadership course through Palo Alto Medical Foundation. They are truly gifted in teaching leadership to physicians. They have a wonderfully interactive and engaging style that helps the learning process. They stress and help convey an understanding of the difference between leading and managing and the importance of emotional intelligence in being a leader. They helped us move from debating each other to having dialogue and managing change in a group. This course ranks up there as one of the single most life-altering 4-day courses I have ever taken and have already seen the benefits in my administrative activities.

Dr. Charles K. Everett 

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Director of Critical Care Services

I had the opportunity to learn from Ashley and Fred in their Introduction to Physician Leadership program at Sutter University. I learned a tremendous amount about communication, various attributes of leadership, and my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Ashley and Fred work brilliantly together, know the material inside and out, and artfully draw upon the skills and experiences of those in the room to create and dynamic, thought-provoking, and productive learning environment. Highly recommended!

Dr. Omondi Nyong'o   

Ophthalmologist, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Ashley and Fred form an exceptional teaching team. In their 'Introduction to Physician Leadership' course, Ashley and Fred successfully shifted our thinking into directions that are extremely helpful for leading positive change in healthcare. We learned how to shift from intellectual reasoning to emotional understanding, from individualistic competition to team-based problem solving, from debating others to forming agreements and how to develop inner awareness and self-control in order to successfully influence others. The content was rich, exciting and interactive. Ashley and Fred are gifted teachers, high -level experts in their subject matter and are very skilled at focusing broad topics into manageable and action-oriented learning. This class series is perhaps the most productive and meaningful course I have taken in all my education.

Dr. Kelly S. Derbin 

Family Medicine, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Ashley and Fred are a fantastic team. I just completed their 4 session Introduction to Physician Leadership program. They create an interactive, energetic and thoughtful learning environment. We covered important principles about communication style, Emotional Intelligence, team building, difficult conversations, moving debate to dialogue, and tying the principles together to move forward with one's own goal plan. I look forward to working with them to bring this training to more of our leaders at PAFMG.

Sue Gotelli

Director, Physician Leadership Development at Sutter Health

I have worked with Ashley Wendel and Dr. Fred Tobis in the development and delivery of a program called Introduction to Physician Leadership for the past 3 years. Ashley and Fred have a great deal of subject matter expertise in working with physician leaders as a facilitator, coaches and program designers. They have been strong partners for us in executing on our Physician Leadership Development Strategy.