Physician Coaching Programs

To assure success, CPL offers different coaching services to fit the needs of your physicians and their teams. We are seasoned executive coaches who understand the leadership challenges that physicians face and have the tools to help them succeed in the new environment. Our coaching services include:

Individual or group coaching for program graduates: Leadership programs that offer new information may fall short of providing a sustainable and measurable improvement in effective leadership skills. Learning new skills as an adult can be difficult and frustrating. They are seldom mastered with the first attempt at their implementation. We help your leaders be successful by supporting them as they apply the tools and techniques designed to build their leadership competency.

Individual coaching for high potential physician leaders: Physicians are accustomed to learning rapidly and being successful. They are often frustrated when they perceive that they are not being effective in their leadership roles. Our coaching work positions these leaders for success by helping them build their self-awareness through actionable feedback and identify opportunities for improvement with guided support.

Team development coaching: The rapidly changing environment in healthcare demands that teams are performing at their highest level. We work with leaders and their teams to build the cohesion, trust, and communication needed to deliver measurable and sustainable results.