Educational Workshops and Retreats

CPL offers a variety of solutions for those interested in providing their physicians and their teams with educational workshops on physician leadership topics. Depending on your need, workshops can be run on-site at your hospital or off-site in a venue of your choosing.

Educational Retreats for Healthcare - CPL

Our Brief Workshops are typically a half-day (3 hours), with an overview of physician leadership concepts delivered in a didactic, engaging environment. We can accommodate up to 100 physician leaders in these workshops and include time for breakout groups that enable discussion and hands-on learning. Our goal with these brief workshops is to introduce the principles of Physician Leadership and build awareness of typical challenges and ways to address them.

Our Intensive Workshops are typically one or two days and target small groups of Physician Leaders (8-12 participants), who come to the table with very specific issues they would like to address. Workshops are highly tailored for the participants and their particular leadership challenges.

Workshops are modular in nature, and typically broken into four sections:

  • Education on Physician Leadership concepts
  • Exploration of each participant’s specific leadership issues/barriers to change
  • Definition of each participant’s individualized “go-forward” strategy
  • Action Plan Development, where time-bound, measurable key steps are identified and each participant leaves with a roadmap for implementation

Our goal for the Intensive Workshops is for each Physician Leader to walk away with a specific, individualized plan that they are confident to begin implementing in their hospital immediately. Follow-up coaching with CPL is often arranged to ensure progress.